My skin is crawling…

I heard yesterday while tuned into KTAR talk radio that Lifestyles condom company pitched an idea to 15 YEAR OLD Miley Cyrus to be one of their official “spokesgirls”.

What the hell is the world coming to?

I found myself steaming that anyone would even think that that would be ok to do. I kind of want to find the guys responsible for that PR stunt and punch one of their kidneys out of their back.

From what the talk show host said, Miley’s management team of course said no….thank the Lord.


Are You Kidding Me?

That was precisely what I was thinking when I walked out of our friendly Fry’s grocery store tonight with my wife Jessica…

As I approached the car, I noticed 2 women standing beside another car a couple of spaces from us. They were puffing away on their cigarettes while the kids they were “watching” were running around the car.

And then my eyes fell upon one heck of a spectacle.

There it was. What looked to be a 7 year old boy peeing in the parking lot next to their car.

What the crap!!!!?!?!?!

The friggin store was not 100 feet away and the little boy was urinating in the parking lot while the pee ran down the parking lot asphalt towards our car. I couldn’t believe that it was really happening. It’s not like we were out in the boonies at some deserted truck stop in Calexico California! The store WITH A FULLY FUNCTIONING bathroom was right there!

Maybe I’m being overdramatic but it was like I was in a movie scene. It was the pure picture of trashiness, and I wondered what kind of example that was setting for that young boy and the other kids…

In case you had any suspicion…

Does your spouse/child/family member/friend/dog have a particular shady side to them? Do they duck when they drive by police cars? Do they carry a Bowie knife of them at all times claiming that “you never know when you’ll need to cut your seatbelt off in a fiery car accident”? Did they “grow up” in a town called Winchestertonville or some other town you can’t validate?

If you answered yes to all these questions…you may have a criminal in your midst!

But don’t fear! Now you can verify their felony status for free with Criminal Search!

Criminal Search

You are loved…

Every once in a while my mind sparks a memory of my Grandpa. If you never got to meet Sonny Stribling, I’m sorry for you would have been blessed to have shook the hand or hugged a genuine Southern gentleman.

He was a quiet respectful man who didn’t have to speak the words “I love you” too often…you just knew it in his eyes and in his gentle spirit. But he would’ve loved to have shared some chocolate pie with you while exchanging baseball nostalgics.

Or better yet, Grandpa wouldn’t have thought twice about sharing his favorite fishing hole with you over some homemade turkey sandwiches. (Made by Grandma of course)

He passed with an indescribable graciousness on January 13th of this year with those who loved him dearest at his side. It honestly was one of the most calming and spiritual points of my life.

I could literally feel God in the room with us.

And now I am fully confident that he is running again. That he is pain free once more. And that he is once again enjoying a relaxing moment at his favorite fishing hole.

So until that fateful day when we meet on that creek to fish again, you will be missed Grandpa.

You will be loved.

Community & Cow Tongues.

Today was an amazing and challenging day at Cornerstone. We were privileged to have Mark Connelly from Superstition Springs Community Church sharing and speaking on using our God-given spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Kingdom. To not be a church “spectator” anymore. But to rally against the statistic that says that only approximately 20-30% of church attenders are actually serving in their respective communities.


That’s crazy to me! And really sad all at the same time. That literally means that around 70% of peeps are coming to church on Sunday and leaving every week just to come back the next Sunday. And the next. And the next. And the next. All the while not engaging and plugging into the dreams/talents/skills that God has blessed us with.

Anyways, it was a super good message…Mark really brought the heat! I think it really pushed and stretched our people. We have a huge volunteer expo next Sunday so we’ll see how well it encouraged them to step up and serve together.

Oh…the cow tongue part you ask? Well, it was a great illustration that would take too long to explain in this blog entry. Check out and click on the “Thread” series and Mark Connelly’s sermon to watch the video.

It’s worth your time…



Man, I watched this and was literally on the verge of tears.

I just wish that we would learn how to completely give ourselves over to God’s healing and power and grace and mercy and discipline and glory. To stop being selfish and run with all abandon to the life of abundance that Jesus came for and beckons us to. Man, what would our communities and churches look like?

It’s pretty convicting at times when I think about the lyrics “You’re more than enough for me…Jesus, You’re all that I need”. Why do I struggle so much with not living that out in my life and letting go of everything that I need to control??


New T-Shirt Idea

So we’re trying out some new ideas for a T-shirt for our team/volunteers at Camber (our college ministry at Cornerstone). We’ve had a lot of great designs come through, but one keeps sticking in my noggin. I think this one is edgy yet straight to the point….




Papa Esteban looks so good sportin the new threads…


What do you guys think??