New T-Shirt Idea

So we’re trying out some new ideas for a T-shirt for our team/volunteers at Camber (our college ministry at Cornerstone). We’ve had a lot of great designs come through, but one keeps sticking in my noggin. I think this one is edgy yet straight to the point….




Papa Esteban looks so good sportin the new threads…


What do you guys think??



  1. I would like to post my thoughts on the t-shirts but I need to rush over the my blog to add you to my blogroll. I am so happy!

    BTW, you know whats worse than being left off someone’s blogroll? Being deleted from it after being added! Yeah, it happened to me over at this jackasses blog. The nerve. 🙂

  2. nice blog title BTW, it seems very familiar in a contradictory and snobbish sort of way j/k

  3. Hahaha., I promise that it was not a sly stab at you bro! I just felt like I never really have any witty and life changing things to express!

  4. aww come on Jay… you are a witty guy… and you changed my life. Don’t sell yourself short!

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