Man, I watched this and was literally on the verge of tears.

I just wish that we would learn how to completely give ourselves over to God’s healing and power and grace and mercy and discipline and glory. To stop being selfish and run with all abandon to the life of abundance that Jesus came for and beckons us to. Man, what would our communities and churches look like?

It’s pretty convicting at times when I think about the lyrics “You’re more than enough for me…Jesus, You’re all that I need”. Why do I struggle so much with not living that out in my life and letting go of everything that I need to control??




  1. this was a great start to my day! i hope we get a taste of this at Hume this week

  2. So sweet! I love this song too! I’ve been thinking about the story behind it for the last few days! Thanks for posting the video.

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