Community & Cow Tongues.

Today was an amazing and challenging day at Cornerstone. We were privileged to have Mark Connelly from Superstition Springs Community Church sharing and speaking on using our God-given spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Kingdom. To not be a church “spectator” anymore. But to rally against the statistic that says that only approximately 20-30% of church attenders are actually serving in their respective communities.


That’s crazy to me! And really sad all at the same time. That literally means that around 70% of peeps are coming to church on Sunday and leaving every week just to come back the next Sunday. And the next. And the next. And the next. All the while not engaging and plugging into the dreams/talents/skills that God has blessed us with.

Anyways, it was a super good message…Mark really brought the heat! I think it really pushed and stretched our people. We have a huge volunteer expo next Sunday so we’ll see how well it encouraged them to step up and serve together.

Oh…the cow tongue part you ask? Well, it was a great illustration that would take too long to explain in this blog entry. Check out and click on the “Thread” series and Mark Connelly’s sermon to watch the video.

It’s worth your time…




  1. you think that Mark Connelly guy would come and speak at my church? whats his booking agency’s number?

  2. Just wait till Mike Minter comes to CS…oh wait…who?

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