You are loved…

Every once in a while my mind sparks a memory of my Grandpa. If you never got to meet Sonny Stribling, I’m sorry for you would have been blessed to have shook the hand or hugged a genuine Southern gentleman.

He was a quiet respectful man who didn’t have to speak the words “I love you” too often…you just knew it in his eyes and in his gentle spirit. But he would’ve loved to have shared some chocolate pie with you while exchanging baseball nostalgics.

Or better yet, Grandpa wouldn’t have thought twice about sharing his favorite fishing hole with you over some homemade turkey sandwiches. (Made by Grandma of course)

He passed with an indescribable graciousness on January 13th of this year with those who loved him dearest at his side. It honestly was one of the most calming and spiritual points of my life.

I could literally feel God in the room with us.

And now I am fully confident that he is running again. That he is pain free once more. And that he is once again enjoying a relaxing moment at his favorite fishing hole.

So until that fateful day when we meet on that creek to fish again, you will be missed Grandpa.

You will be loved.


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