Are You Kidding Me?

That was precisely what I was thinking when I walked out of our friendly Fry’s grocery store tonight with my wife Jessica…

As I approached the car, I noticed 2 women standing beside another car a couple of spaces from us. They were puffing away on their cigarettes while the kids they were “watching” were running around the car.

And then my eyes fell upon one heck of a spectacle.

There it was. What looked to be a 7 year old boy peeing in the parking lot next to their car.

What the crap!!!!?!?!?!

The friggin store was not 100 feet away and the little boy was urinating in the parking lot while the pee ran down the parking lot asphalt towards our car. I couldn’t believe that it was really happening. It’s not like we were out in the boonies at some deserted truck stop in Calexico California! The store WITH A FULLY FUNCTIONING bathroom was right there!

Maybe I’m being overdramatic but it was like I was in a movie scene. It was the pure picture of trashiness, and I wondered what kind of example that was setting for that young boy and the other kids…



  1. hahaha!

    you should have screamed really loud- he would have jumped and peed all over himself (and hopefully spritzed the the ladies)

  2. sick sick sick! the city of gilbert is going down the tubes. superstition springs community church needs to do a big outreach soon…that’s one thing clear! i think they should brand it ‘jesus for president’ and maybe we wouldn’t have kids peeing all over our local grocery store parking lots. come to think of it, i bet that was a jr. higher – NICK?!?! NICKKKK!?!?

  3. no, that HAD to be queen creek or apache junction. public urination does not happen in MY city.

  4. Maybe my post about automatic toilets will help clear the air for you. Sometimes I’d just as soon pee in a parking lot than use a bathroom that has those ridiculous contraptions!

    (OK, so… maybe not.)

    I hope none of that pee got on your tires.

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