Full-Time Pastor vs. Part-Time Christian

I heard an interesting statement today at the Leadership Summit that we’re attending as a staff…

Craig Groeschel from LifeChurch.tv said that at a point in his life and his ministry he had become a “full-time pastor and a part-time Christian”. That really struck a chord in me to be honest. I feel like I may be in that season a bit in my life right now.

Trying to maintain great, authentic, and challenging experiences, and pour into and foster deep, intimate relationships with people…all the while not chasing after the things that God is calling me to. Not using His word to guide and direct me daily. Not immersing myself throughout they day in personal, private worship of my own. Not spending enough time (hardly at all) in prayer with the God of the universe who is calling me to a relationship with Him. Trying, at times, to be someone different than who He created me to be.

And it sucks. And I hate it.

And I desperately want to know how to change it.

The truth is there is absolutely no way that we can minister to, or heal, or help, or guide, or lead, or whatever to people when we are not being ministered to, or healed, or helped, or guided, or led by the Holy Spirit. By letting Him invade our lives. And flushing out mediocrity. And routine. And the mundane. And darkness.

So thankfully, this last couple of days has been a quick journey into the realization that I need to rediscover and once again burn with the truth of the staggering love of Christ.

As I will soon embark on the new road of being a father to a young man (whoa), more than ever is this idea of clinging to the cross and Jesus in my heart so that I may better minister to others more prevalent. For I do not want to be something different, or live something different, or look like something different when I am serving in my community and ministries than when I am loving/teaching/guiding/disciplining my son Cruz or my family.

So that is my prayer today Lord. That I would begin to see You again. Deep in my heart. That I would begin to breathe You once more.

I’d like a full-time job again please.



  1. amen. this is encouraging, thanks for sharing

  2. Great insight. I’m reading Craig Groeschel’s book “It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It.” The illusive “it” is what attracts people and makes ministries effective. Craig says “it” can’t be taught, but “it” can be caught. God gives “it.” “It” has a lot to do with the Holy Spirit. Churches that have “it” are incredibly focused, willing to fail, led by people who have “it,” and those people see potential when others see problems. Craig says “the spark of passion ignites the fuel for innovation.” And he says “it” follows big vision. God makes “it” happen. “It” is from him, by him, and for his glory. You may want to watch brief videos about the book’s message at http://www.zondervan.com/it and http://floatingaxhead.com/2008/08/11/the-power-of-it/

  3. Good stuff.

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