I love my small group…

The small group that Jess and I have the privilege of being in and help lead is amazing. It’s a little community of 6 young married couples that get to share together and support one another through life. We get to pray together and show love to one another and laugh with each other. And soon we are going to be serving together for the first time.

We’ve put together 20 big bags with all kinds of toiletries, shampoos, soaps, sunscreen, crackers, trail mix, toothbrushes, t-shirts and other items that would be beneficial to a person living on the street. We’re going to go out together and pass them out in a few days. Here’s some pic’s of us putting them together…


It won’t be much since we only have 20 bags, but I know that it will be a real blessing for 20 people who haven’t felt like someone cared about them in a while.

I’ll keep you guys updated when we go out…

Any ideas that your small groups are doing to serve together?



  1. Dude these are sweet pics. I’m so excited for this and I know God is in this! Thanks to you and Jess for all your crazy hard work makin small group happen each week. Such a blessing.

  2. Hey Jay, I was wondering if I could have your contact email. I have an opportunity I’d like to share with you regarding writing/small groups. Thanks so much.

  3. How did this go? Just curious?

  4. Chip baby! Good to get a peek from you bro. We’re currently still in the process of handing them out…we found it was really hard for ALL of us to get together with all of our different schedules, so there are a few of us who frequent the downtown area for work and other areas where there are more people who could use some help that have most of the bags.

    We’ll do an update on them next week and I’ll re-post about this!

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