“You can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds?”

So Jessica is a Friends fanatic and she got me hooked a couple of years ago when she quickly acquired, oh I don’t know, ALL the Friends seasons on DVD. Well, unless you lived in the Mariana Trench for the last 12 years then I’m sure you’ve seen at least one episode.

I’m writing this because I came home tonight and she was watching season 8 (she likes to watch them when I’m not home because it makes her feel safe, haha), and it made me remember my all time favorite scene from Friends.

Good frickin grief this is funny…

What’s your favorite Friends episode or scene?



  1. i’ve seen something like this a couple of years ago on jackass …
    Marcel Prothmann

  2. That was like seventeen seconds! I felt like I was watching a Chris Haidet crowd-breaker 😉 I miss that guy.

  3. I just got back from a decade-long stay at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in a mile deep of water… what is Friends?

  4. Haha…I’m totally Joey…Just not as sleazy.

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