Confession from Mike G…

Well, if you are at all immersed in the modern movement of music within the church then you may have stumbled upon/heard about the sad story of Mike Guglielmucci who wrote the prolific song “Healer”. The song has been absolutely exploding around the church and has been a veritable anthem with lyrics proclaiming God’s healing.

The song is awesome.

Well, most of you have heard that Mike has been lying for the past few years about having terminal cancer so I won’t go into that whole debacle, but I came across this statement/press release shared by Mike’s family.

It’s painfully sad. It seems that Mike has been dealing with an insurmountable struggle with addictions. And it looks like he has been living inside a black hole of lies and deceit and shame and heartache for a LONG time.

My heart is sad for him.

Read the article here.



  1. Thank you, thank you for not stooping down to the level of so many who have said many hurtful and terrible things about Mike G. Awesome post full of love and honesty, saying it how it is while still being compassionate. Its nice to come across posts like this in the blogosphere.

  2. completely agree, hes just like all of us. We all have done thinbgs we are not proud of. And thats why we need jesus. So hes just like the rest of us, and no one can pick up a stone and throw it

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