Nice sign.

I’m still amazed that we have churches like Haven’s Corner Church in Blacklick Ohio that believe that crap like this will actually encourage and move people towards the restoring love of Jesus.

There has been some controversy in the media surrounding their latest marquee sign that takes a nasty cue from the radio single “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry…

Reverend Dave Allison, when asked about the sign by the media, was quoted saying “it was meant as a loving warning to teens”….so what exactly is loving about it again???

Read the short interview here.



  1. oh yikes. unfortunately this church is about 10 minutes from where I grew up. I promise not all Christians in Ohio suck

  2. dang.

  3. freaking people from ohio…

  4. whatever happened to the seperation of church and state? Shouldn’t they be able to post whatever they want?

  5. It should read:

    I made a lame, judgemental, theologically incorrect street sign in front of my church, then Satan applauded and said “Booyah!” to God.

  6. @Teresa – I think you missed the point. This doesn’t have anything at all to do with the separation of church and state….

    They most definitely should be able to post whatever they want! That’s the blessing of living in a free society. But I’m not talking about whether or not they have the “legal” right to put up a sign like that.

    I confidently believe that God is not in the business of SCARING people into relationship with Him. Jesus didn’t sacrifice His life because of a Gospel about hell and damnation all over the place…but rather about freedom from sin and shame, love to God and one another, rescue from the slavery of a dark world, hope for the meek and broken, and ultimately a promise that LOVE wins in the end.

    That sign doesn’t represent ANY of that.

    I simply was saying it’s frustrating when the media points it’s lens at dumb, judgmentally wrong ideas that some Christians have.

    Would you go to this church because of THIS sign?

  7. You should see the church signs in Oklahoma…

  8. There’s more to Jesus than just love. Jesus loves ALL people, yes. But he also admonishes everyone to repent of their sins…as in the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery. He said, “Go, and sin no more.” And he also warns them of a very real Hell for the unrepentant. If you want restoration then you need to understand that it’s a two way street. The love is there, but can you accept it? The warning is that trifling with sin in any form puts you in danger of Hell according to the Bible. Only someone who loves you would warn you of it. Please though, don’t take anyone’s word for it. Read everything you need to know about Jesus’ love for you in the New Testament! Blessings!


    Here you go Jay

  10. @Truth – Right on…good thoughts. I agree with you on all that…except for the part where you said “only someone who loves you would warn you of it.” I’ve just seen TOO many instances of churches and Christians alike condemning and judging the world outside their church “bubble” without actually taking the time to first build relationships with people before they start throwing down hellfire and brimstone.

    In my experience, churches with motives like this aren’t responding with love for their community, but rather a disgust or anger for a certain group of people whom they don’t agree with or aren’t willing to embrace.

  11. @ Ryan – Too good bro.

  12. @jaydubbs – Yes indeed! I have experienced that kind of “warning” too. Which really isn’t a warning but a personal condemnation -something Christians should never do. Only God can judge the heart. Admonishment without the proper motive (love) is sin like any other. And God doesn’t make a distinction between sins, i.e. “your sin is worse than my sin, therefore I’m holier than thou!” But how can anyone take 100% responsibility for the way people are going to react to an admonishment? Unfortunately it’s been my experience that most people will take it as a personal attack regardless of motive unless you have a close personal relationship with that person. In a case like this it might be better to give people the benefit of the doubt at first and question them to see what their motive truly was. After all isn’t it better to have a dialog than an argument?

  13. flashbacks to an eastvalleytribune blog…

  14. Remember when we discriminated against blacks, remember when women couldn’t vote. Well what’s the difference when we discriminate against gays? Ignorance is not an excuse for being close minded. Goes to show that just because the majority agrees doesn’t mean they are right. But for a church not to do the right thing is beyond my comprehension.

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