The Title Befits Me At The Moment…

The title of my blog is feeling way too ‘spot on’ right about now…

To all you fine friends that care to drop by here and there, I apologize for the severe lack of witty excerpts and notions from yours truly. I’ve just felt very “not creative” these last couple of weeks.

I’m just not being motivated to write about anything that’s happening right now for some reason. Sure I guess I could write about politics and the crumbling economy and music and all the other stuff that I’m ‘supposed’ to be writing about but it just sounds mundane to me right now…just being honest.

So just letting you guys know that I’m not dead in a ditch somewhere, I’m just feeling very uncreative.

I’ll be back to the standard of which Guard of The Lard would be proud of in a couple of days I’m sure…

So don’t delete me or anything psycho like that.  🙂



  1. Just so you know, I would rather read one jaydubb blog over a million ragamuffin soul blogs. I think you should write about dancing. and maybe post dancing videos (of yourself and maybe Noah)

  2. Ok, I’m glad we could have this talk. I will give you one more chance to get out of this funk and then I am UNSUBSCRIBING YOUR ASS! Got it, Williams!?

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