So I’ve called Cornerstone my home church community for over 8 years now. I’ve served in who knows how many different roles. I’ve been shepherded by numerous different leaders. I’ve taken part in helping plant another sister church off of Cornerstone. I’ve had the privilege to lead countless others in the pursuit of Christ. I’ve seen our church do wonderful, amazing, challenging, and risky things together. And I’ve watched our community continually welcome new friends through the doors to come and join in this journey.

And it’s my home. It’s my job. It’s my ministry. It’s my family.

And lately I’ve been quite saddened when other people, whether it be people that have never been part of the ministry and the lives that occur here, or people that have served here faithfully for some time and have now moved on to different things, think that it’s justifiable or ok to point out our church’s shortcomings. Or our downfalls. Or our motives. Or the way we risk. Or our financial business. Or that it’s ok to mock our pastor or our staff. Or anything else that they feel is worthy of mentioning to give people a bad taste in their mouth about my church. Regardless of the fact that God is INDEED using our staff and our people to help radically redirect lives from dark, tragic, lonely existences into bright, hopeful, and fulfilling lives in Jesus.

It’s UNDENIABLE that the Great Creator is creating within the lives of the people here at this church. That He is sending us out to the lonely, hurting places of the world. That He is challenging us and stretching us to tremendous lengths. That He is calling us to let go of us and take a hold of HIM. These last couple of months alone have been eye-awakening to the Spirit moving through our community.

Yet for some reason, others discard these truths like we don’t know what the hell we are doing. To some we are just in it for the wrong reasons and that we are simply trying to grow a mega church and be the coolest thing on the block. A Christian theme park of sorts.

And to me it simply is a stab in the back. And it hurts. And I’m not quite sure why it’s necessary.

I feel this is one of the many reasons why people that don’t know who Christ is, have a hard time trusting and feeling safe within a community of believers. There’s always this friggin contention behind the facade. “That church is dumb.” “That church is wrong.”

Who cares!? Let the Lord use you were He’s placed you, take notes from churches that are helping to shape lives, and stop causing dissension between fellow Christ followers.

And I realize that we are all human, and we suck sometimes, and we get hurt by those closest to us. I really do get that. But is it our place to paint a poor picture of a certain church? Or push others further from having a conversation for the first time with the Living God??

I certainly don’t believe so.

We always forget that we are the Church and not just churches.


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  1. AMEN! I never understood that myself, nobody is perfect and everyone falls short. So what, our motives and intentions are all centered around Christ and the people that do call Cornerstone home, know that and see it everyday there.

    God Bless you brother!

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