Today I had the great privilege of golfing for free in the King of King’s Skate Ministry Golf Tournament. At the renowned Ocotillo golf course. For free. I got a free polo shirt (for those dress up days). Free lunch. No less than 10 free Red Bulls, of which I downed 5 during the round. A free 10 min massage. Did I mention that it was free?

Thanks to Andrew for the invite and to a guy named Marques for paying for us, it was indeed a grand day. 72 degree weather. Up at dawn. Freaking the 2 dudes out that played on me and Andrew’s team with our sardonic and ill-selected humor. Seriously though, I don’t think this one guy laughed the entire time and we were pulling out all the stops to crack him.

You can’t win em all I guess.

Anyhow, twas a Terrific Tuesday. And if you haven’t heard of the King of King’s ministry, you need to. God is using some tremendous fellas to speak into the lives of a TON of young kids and adults at skate parks and events across the whole nation and abroad.

And these guys can RIP. Serious. Some of the best skating I’ve seen in a long time.

You can check them out and their latest video here which just debuted 2 weeks ago. The video “Burl Factor” is absolutely beautiful.

Peep em out peeps.


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  1. just stopping by to see if there are any pics of Beto Jr. … *sigh*

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