Future of Forestry @ Cornerstone.



I’m not talking about some tree-hugging campaign to eliminate the eradication of the world’s rain forests. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some earth.

But I’m referring to the band Future of Forestry. And they’ll be lightin it up on Sunday December 21st. This Sunday! They are touring a new Christmas EP this year and we are honored to have them all day for all of our services.

Let me enlighten you a bit…if you are one of the poor souls who have yet to have this bands explosive myriad of soundscapes and ambient assaults melt over you, then you need to listen HERE. Future of Forestry is simply one of the most impressively musically talented groups around right now. And their arrangements of some of our most treasured Christmas favorites have been on constant repeat around our office this season…just because they are that amazing.

Again the band will be here all day on Sunday at all our services (8, 9:15, 10:35, 11:15am & 5pm). And they will have their small string section “stringing” along with them…ok, I couldn’t resist.  So take a listen to the link and tell me what you think. I’m confident that the new spin will have you listening more than once. And come join us on Sunday for our Christmas celebration with Future of Forestry!



  1. hey bro, thanks for checkin out the blog.. now i’m gonna get some prints made….

  2. This was so awesome…it was a real blessing.

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