Super Bowl XLIII.

evg_1218637303Oh man, has this Sunday been a LONG time coming. I don’t follow football religiously or anything, but the fact that the Cardinals are finally in the Big Game is a really huge deal here in Phoenix. The red birds haven’t played on this glorious Sunday in like 38 decades or something ridiculous like that.

So here’s my questions for the day.

If you do NOT hail from, originate, deeply love, were born in, are a Steelers fan, or have some weird infatuation with the city of Pittsburgh, why in the CRAP would you want to root for the Steelers?? Is this not America?? When did we begin to not love to watch the “underdog” come from behind in glorious fashion? It’s like watching a World Series between the Cubs and Yankees and hoping the Yanks kill the those lovable but always losing Cubbies.

Right now, my wife has the Martha Stewart show on in the background and I heard Martha say as she sports her Steelers jersey that “my team is really the NY Giants so since they are not in the game, I’m just defaulting to the Steelers.”

What a joke.

Of course I’m a bit biased, but how absolutely boring and typical will it be if the Steelers come through in the end.

I’m just saying….


Easter 2009

We have a Creative Development meeting for Easter today at 1:30pm. The cool part that I am stoked about is that we have invited people outside of our community to come and pour out their ideas and creative thinking. There are going to be artistic, driven minds from several different churches coming together to create and plan and cast vision for what God would want to say to our people this Easter season.

And the beauty of it is that we’re all going to be helping each other. Many churches becoming the Church. At least for a few hours.

I can’t wait till we start inviting leaders from outside the church walls to these meetings. That will be sweet and stretching all in the same breath.

What are you doing this year to tell the rescuing story of Easter in a fresh way to the thousands of people that step foot inside a church door only on Easter and Christmas?

The Modern Church According To Apple.

So Apple’s engineers developing the new Logic Pro Studio Effects have an interesting view of the “Modern Church”…unless you consider Byzantine era slave sacrifices and Gregorian chanting part of your regular ministry programs.

Click HERE and then select “Modern Church” in the Space Designer box. Once the window opens hit the button that says “With Space Designer”. Then sit back and worship with your favorite modern worship tunes…

Just In Case You Didn’t Know…

In case you haven’t been informed…in March, the year is going to get that much better…


Your Love Is Like A Rock When I’m Spinning Around…

For a couple minutes today I was feeling like my life was somewhat uninteresting. Like I should be doing “bigger” things. And getting to know “bigger” people. That I needed to be involved in more ministry. More networks. More projects.

More of just about everything. So that my life could be more purposeful.

And then God showed me in the small, simple ways that He always shows me, that I was exactly where I need to be with this verse that came to my phone through a text:

Ecclesiastes 4:6 –

6 Better one handful with tranquillity
than two handfuls with toil
and chasing after the wind.

Point taken Lord.

2009 New Things To Try.

As 2009 looks us square in the face, I have decided to committ myself to a string of new things to try this year. Things to cut out of my life. Disciplines to strengthen myself with. New ways to explore and uncover the great vastness of who God is. And who He created me to be. I’m sure some of these ideas, hopes, and motives will never come to fruition…well…because let’s face it. Sometimes I can be mayor of Procrastinationville.

But I’m going to put these notions down on paper. Or rather pixel space. And try my best to accomplish them in the 09. We’ll look back at the start of twenty-ten and see how well I did!

1. La Biblia. The Word. The Bible. Lord, please help, guide, encourage, push, challenge, and motivate me in whatever ways You see fit to commune and learn from Your word more this year. I’m sorry that I have put Your voice to me in the coat closet. I would love to change that this year.

2. TV. I’m committing myself to watch less TV. Not that I watch a ton, but I feel like it’s mostly a waste of my time when I could be living life and spending more productive time with my family. (This of course excludes LOST.)

3. The Great Outdoors. I want to be outside more this year. Breathing in God’s creation. Whether that be simply taking an evening stroll with my family or driving to new fantastic places with the windows all the way down. Or sitting outside some little street cafe with my dog Audio and some tea just watching people. Heck maybe, I’ll even go fishing.

4. Crafting the artistic side of me. I’m taking time this year to hone my photography skills and make myself a better musician.

5. Fellowship. In 2009 I’m going to commit to building and fostering deeper relationships with my friends and colleagues.

6. Leadership. I know that God instilled me with some leadership qualities. I’m praying that He would help me to find ways to develop these more this year and place great leaders and mentors in my life to glean off of.

7. Read. Read. Read. This is a big one. I’m disciplining myself to read WAY more. And not just the typical Christian spiritual life books either. Not that those are bad, but I want to get lost in some great fiction as well.

8. Debt Detonation. I’m charging hard this year to get rid of our household debt, Dave Ramsey style.

These ideas are really important to me so if you’re a friend that does everyday life with me please keep me accountable!

What are some resolutions that you are taking on in 2009?

Kelly Clarkson Would Not Be Proud.

Kelly Clarkson’s smash hit single “Since You’ve Been Gone”.  I wouldn’t think twice when I say that probably no less than 98.23478% of the world knows the lyrics to this song. Come on. You know them don’t you? Right now you’re probably jammin the tune in your little noggin.

This guy on the other hand…..well, hahaha…take a gander for yourself. Now you have to wait for the second guy. The first guy is funny, but the second guy…..oh boy.

I was absolutely rolling!!