Say Cheese.

If you’ve had the chance to drive down a local Phoenix metro freeway lately, you may have had the feeling that someone is watching you. And that feeling couldn’t be more true. Recently, the state government has installed more freeway speed cams along our highways and byways than Janet Napolitano has pant suits.

They’re literally…everywhere.copcamhz1

It’s pretty ridiculous. Especially if you have to travel over to the west side of the valley. On one stretch of the Agua Fria section of the Loop 101, the speed cams are setup at every one and a half miles! As you are traveling past one of the cameras you can look ahead on the freeway and see the next camera.

My opinion of these contraptions is that they are just a means of making a quick buck for the state. We the taxpayers are paying for them and then we’re being penalized by them. And I think all they do is make people slam on their brakes when they approach the camera area and blind people when they flash at night.

What’s your take on the speed cam debate? Here’s a great short article about them including a fantastic interview with none other than Benjamin Frankin. Serious.


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