Kelly Clarkson Would Not Be Proud.

Kelly Clarkson’s smash hit single “Since You’ve Been Gone”.  I wouldn’t think twice when I say that probably no less than 98.23478% of the world knows the lyrics to this song. Come on. You know them don’t you? Right now you’re probably jammin the tune in your little noggin.

This guy on the other hand…..well, hahaha…take a gander for yourself. Now you have to wait for the second guy. The first guy is funny, but the second guy…..oh boy.

I was absolutely rolling!!



  1. Hey Jaydubb,
    I am the guy featured in “Will they know yes or no, audience singer’s edition”. I truly did not know the song, but the producers told me to do whatever I wanted and I knew that Ellen was watching backstage, so I gave her a peformance. As I told Ellen I was happy to have brought a smile to your face and maker her laugh as she does me each and everyday.

    Keep’um laughing,

  2. That was awesome.

    “mm… mmm… ma na na… mmmmnnNNAAAAAAAAA! …mmnaa… naaaa… mmmaaaaa… naa….. m, mmnuh, MMMNNNNAAAAAAAAA!”

    How do you even… like… I don’t even know what to say right now. haha

  3. Hahaha, thanks for explaining Tim! Glad you dropped by…I gotta say man, that was so freaking funny!! Thanks for the laughs!

  4. hole-e-crap…. hahahahahahhahhhahahahahahahahah

    you’re a big freaking deal Jdub!!!

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