Easter 2009

We have a Creative Development meeting for Easter today at 1:30pm. The cool part that I am stoked about is that we have invited people outside of our community to come and pour out their ideas and creative thinking. There are going to be artistic, driven minds from several different churches coming together to create and plan and cast vision for what God would want to say to our people this Easter season.

And the beauty of it is that we’re all going to be helping each other. Many churches becoming the Church. At least for a few hours.

I can’t wait till we start inviting leaders from outside the church walls to these meetings. That will be sweet and stretching all in the same breath.

What are you doing this year to tell the rescuing story of Easter in a fresh way to the thousands of people that step foot inside a church door only on Easter and Christmas?



  1. yeah right… like I’m going to tell YOU so you can steal all our secrets. Ministry is a cut-throat business, buddy. I’m on to you…

  2. the same thing I did at Cornerstone last year because these guys haven’t seen it, mwahaha.

  3. that sounds awesome! i’m really excited and glad that ccf is reaching out-side-of the cornerstone box and giving the community a chance to speak!

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