Super Bowl XLIII.

evg_1218637303Oh man, has this Sunday been a LONG time coming. I don’t follow football religiously or anything, but the fact that the Cardinals are finally in the Big Game is a really huge deal here in Phoenix. The red birds haven’t played on this glorious Sunday in like 38 decades or something ridiculous like that.

So here’s my questions for the day.

If you do NOT hail from, originate, deeply love, were born in, are a Steelers fan, or have some weird infatuation with the city of Pittsburgh, why in the CRAP would you want to root for the Steelers?? Is this not America?? When did we begin to not love to watch the “underdog” come from behind in glorious fashion? It’s like watching a World Series between the Cubs and Yankees and hoping the Yanks kill the those lovable but always losing Cubbies.

Right now, my wife has the Martha Stewart show on in the background and I heard Martha say as she sports her Steelers jersey that “my team is really the NY Giants so since they are not in the game, I’m just defaulting to the Steelers.”

What a joke.

Of course I’m a bit biased, but how absolutely boring and typical will it be if the Steelers come through in the end.

I’m just saying….



  1. The Steelers are screwed because Martha Stewart is a jinx.

  2. Cardinals are less white trash.

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