Good Grief…

Hahaha…well here we are again. Stuck in the fat middle of a blogging famine. My apologies.

Well, I’m working on a brand spanking new blog interface for you friends to enjoy along with me. It is LEGIT. I’m thinking it should be live and running within a couple weeks, so stay tuned peeps.

In the meantime here’s Ear Training Techniques with Ryan Axtell


The Modern Church According To Apple.

So Apple’s engineers developing the new Logic Pro Studio Effects have an interesting view of the “Modern Church”…unless you consider Byzantine era slave sacrifices and Gregorian chanting part of your regular ministry programs.

Click HERE and then select “Modern Church” in the Space Designer box. Once the window opens hit the button that says “With Space Designer”. Then sit back and worship with your favorite modern worship tunes…

Kelly Clarkson Would Not Be Proud.

Kelly Clarkson’s smash hit single “Since You’ve Been Gone”.  I wouldn’t think twice when I say that probably no less than 98.23478% of the world knows the lyrics to this song. Come on. You know them don’t you? Right now you’re probably jammin the tune in your little noggin.

This guy on the other hand…..well, hahaha…take a gander for yourself. Now you have to wait for the second guy. The first guy is funny, but the second guy…..oh boy.

I was absolutely rolling!!

Christmas Eve Services @ Cornerstone!

Check out some new creative ideas that we are working with for our Christmas Eve services at the church! We’re going to be able to have all 5 worship leaders (Brian Wurzell, Ryan Axtell, Luke Peach, Seth Wells, and myself) leading various parts throughout the services, and this part is probably my favorite!

Trust me! You need to see THIS…it’s incredible! And I think it really portrays the real reason for the season…

One Hell Of A Tithe.

So just found this on MSN….

Bill Gates has been the richest American on the Forbes 400 list for 15 years. But in this financial crisis, Warren Buffett has zoomed ahead to knock Gates off his perch.

Buffett got $8 billion richer from Aug. 29 to Oct. 1, and now has a $58 billion net worth, according to Forbes. Let’s put that in perspective. In the month of September, when the financial world was going down the tubes, Buffett got $242 million richer every day. How is that even possible?

Gates’ net worth declined by $1.5 billion over the 33-day period to $55.5 billion.

At this point I’m trying to fathom what I would do with $242 million dollars every day….

You know what he did?…

Ok. You need to take 30 seconds to watch this…it’s hilarious.



See. I told you so.

Peaches & Bulls.

Oh man.

This is my friend Luke Peach attempting his very best at riding a motorized bull. I cry from laughing every single time I watch this…


Don’t worry he’s not really handicapped…he just looks like he his.