Super Bowl XLIII.

evg_1218637303Oh man, has this Sunday been a LONG time coming. I don’t follow football religiously or anything, but the fact that the Cardinals are finally in the Big Game is a really huge deal here in Phoenix. The red birds haven’t played on this glorious Sunday in like 38 decades or something ridiculous like that.

So here’s my questions for the day.

If you do NOT hail from, originate, deeply love, were born in, are a Steelers fan, or have some weird infatuation with the city of Pittsburgh, why in the CRAP would you want to root for the Steelers?? Is this not America?? When did we begin to not love to watch the “underdog” come from behind in glorious fashion? It’s like watching a World Series between the Cubs and Yankees and hoping the Yanks kill the those lovable but always losing Cubbies.

Right now, my wife has the Martha Stewart show on in the background and I heard Martha say as she sports her Steelers jersey that “my team is really the NY Giants so since they are not in the game, I’m just defaulting to the Steelers.”

What a joke.

Of course I’m a bit biased, but how absolutely boring and typical will it be if the Steelers come through in the end.

I’m just saying….


Just In Case You Didn’t Know…

In case you haven’t been informed…in March, the year is going to get that much better…


Say Cheese.

If you’ve had the chance to drive down a local Phoenix metro freeway lately, you may have had the feeling that someone is watching you. And that feeling couldn’t be more true. Recently, the state government has installed more freeway speed cams along our highways and byways than Janet Napolitano has pant suits.

They’re literally…everywhere.copcamhz1

It’s pretty ridiculous. Especially if you have to travel over to the west side of the valley. On one stretch of the Agua Fria section of the Loop 101, the speed cams are setup at every one and a half miles! As you are traveling past one of the cameras you can look ahead on the freeway and see the next camera.

My opinion of these contraptions is that they are just a means of making a quick buck for the state. We the taxpayers are paying for them and then we’re being penalized by them. And I think all they do is make people slam on their brakes when they approach the camera area and blind people when they flash at night.

What’s your take on the speed cam debate? Here’s a great short article about them including a fantastic interview with none other than Benjamin Frankin. Serious.

I Am Second.

If you haven’t heard of this incredible site yet, please take a few minutes to dive into it a bit. Some of the most amazing stories of courage and redemption I’ve heard in a long time.

Go there and let us know how it may have impacted you.

It made me think twice about how I’m REALLY living this journey we call life.


Another November 4th.

Here we are.

After 2 years of campaigns, pundits, and promises, we arrive at the fated day of November 4th 2008. To be honest I’m sitting here at 11:10am and still am not sure who will get my nod for president, but in any case, whoever wins, I’m humbled and feel somewhat overwhelmed that we in America get the privilege to do what we do on this day. To cast our individual vote without fear of retribution or harm. To freely express our ideas.

Even though some may judge others for their decision….we are free to make that decision.

So take advantage of the liberty that you have been so blessed with and get out there and share your voice. Because there are MILLIONS who have never experienced and will never experience being able to be heard.

See you on the flipside peeps…