So I’ve been meaning to be a good blogger and update as of late. I’ve had a few things on my heart I’ve been wanting to share.

But what happened tonight at 9:30pm trumped all those other musings that were rambling around….Cruz laughed for the FIRST time!!!

I know, I know. It’s not quite the moment when it’s not your own kid, but I wanted to share it with you friends in any case. It was definitely a moment for us….so much that Jess burst into tears, haha. The video is kind of dark but you can hear him laughing plain as day….

Don’t worry, Jess doesn’t usually laugh like a bad version of the Joker…


Here is LOVE.

Sorry Blog-O-Buddies! It’s been several days since I’ve been able to post. But it’s for the BEST reason….

Cruz is finally here!!!!!!!!!

Cruz in hospital He came into this world on November 16th at 2:23am and he’s the most wickedly awesome little guy ever!

He was a bit stubborn, seeing as how he was 9 days late, but nevertheless Cruz finally made it.

It’s been quite a journey these last 9 months preparing and praying and waiting. And this last week has been a blur as Jess and I have stepped into this parenthood deal! It really places a different lens on life for me and I can’t fathom how God saw me fit and mature enough to charge Jess and I over a little life…





We had our 7 month 3D ultrasound last Friday, and captured this amazing picture…










I can’t begin to express how cool that is.

He has my nose.


What were you saying about us not being divinely created?….