And So We Begin…

Well, I’m back. My last post directly below was about Lent, which was a month and a half ago…that’s despicable, I know.

But I have news that I’m pretty stoked about. Some of you that I get to talk to on a regular basis know that the art of photography is very intriguing to me. In fact, I love it. And I’ve more than once said, if I wasn’t pursuing music as a career I’d definitely love to see what I could do with a camera.

Recently I’ve thought….why not just do BOTH?

So my wife Jess and I were blessed (and when I say blessed, I REALLY mean it) to be able to afford and purchase a brand new Canon 50D and some other various photog gear to begin this desire of ours to create with a lens.

We’re super stoked about it and over this last week have been geeking out on our new little toys! I’ll be updating on a regular basis some of the work that we do as we try and hone our skills and learn all that we can in the process…that way you can tell me if we’re on the right track or if I should just stick to the music gig. 🙂

Here’s a great shot of our son Cruz that Jess took yesterday with our 50mm f/1.8 lens that we grabbed up…

Cruz B/W


I’m in AWE…

Everyday I fall more in love with my son Cruz who was born 6 weeks ago. Everyday he finds a different way to melt my heart. He’s simply the most wonderful little 12 pound ball of awesomeness I’ve ever seen…

Here’s a small video of him doing what he does best right now…including some epic bathtub footage to use at Senior Prom night later.

Here is LOVE.

Sorry Blog-O-Buddies! It’s been several days since I’ve been able to post. But it’s for the BEST reason….

Cruz is finally here!!!!!!!!!

Cruz in hospital He came into this world on November 16th at 2:23am and he’s the most wickedly awesome little guy ever!

He was a bit stubborn, seeing as how he was 9 days late, but nevertheless Cruz finally made it.

It’s been quite a journey these last 9 months preparing and praying and waiting. And this last week has been a blur as Jess and I have stepped into this parenthood deal! It really places a different lens on life for me and I can’t fathom how God saw me fit and mature enough to charge Jess and I over a little life…




He’s Almost Here.

Cruz is knockin at the door! His due date is November 7th and Jess is beginning to feel light small contractions every once in a while!

Everyone keeps asking me “so…are you ready!?”

I don’t know what to say to that question. I mean…I think I’m ready. Can you really ever ‘be ready’?

Anyways, I’ll be committed to keeping you guys updated here on the progress of little Cruz.

I can only hope and trust the the Lord will give me the heart and wisdom to be the father that He designed me to be…