Catalyst West Coast

Next week I have the great privilege of attending the Catalyst West Coast conference beginning on Wednesday the 22nd through Friday the 24th. If you’ve never heard of Catalyst before, it’s a tremendously good conference devoted to raising up strong leaders both within the church and out. Some of the most influential leaders/speakers will be sharing over the two days, not to mention Hillsong United will be leading the group of about 12,000 people into worship. Not a bad gig at all!

To top it off, it’ll be one heck of a road trip with Brian Wurzell, Ryan Axtell, & Luke Peach and I all making the trek out to Orange County for Catalyst. We’re leaving late Tuesday night.

The Red Bulls will be flowing and we’ll be poppin David Jalapeno Hot Salsa sunflower seeds all night…

Will you be coming??

Here’s a peek into what happens at Catalyst West Coast:


Road Trip.

I’m leaving in a few hours to go up north (Flagstaff/Payson) for a relaxing week away with Jess before Cruz is born. The only thing on the schedule for the next few days is 2 games of golf with my good friend Justin Dodson. Other than that, there’s no itinerary and that’s how we plan to keep it!

Reading, walking, sitting on a porch, taking in God’s grandness, and enjoying 75 degree weather.

The other part of the trip that I’m excited about is driving up to Payson tonight to drop off our dog Audio at my grandparents house. It’s just going to be me, Audio, and the radio with the windows down (Jess is coming up tomorrow…I’m not forgetting her).

There’s just something about the open road with some sweet tunes and the fresh breeze that makes me smile.

Some people can’t handle being alone on a road trip, but I relish it. Especially when you get to sing at the top of your lungs, and you’re alone with your ideas, and there’s a beautiful landscape streaming past your car.

It’s one of my favorite things.

So my question is, what do you play at full volume when you’re hitting the pavement by yourself? Right now, I have an eclectic mix of Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Charlie Hall’s new album “The Bright Sadness”, and some other various worship stuff.

What’s your favorite road trip music?